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Someone once told me that to have it all, is to know that you already HAVE IT ALL. Regardless of how you feel about your business there is so much to be grateful for . . . and so many ways to express that on social media.

BUT who has the time to post on social media as often as you need to, that gets your business noticed? Do you know that to be noticed on Instagram you need to be posting at least once a day maybe twice; adding a story (well a few stories) to your feed and engaging on other peoples profiles just to be seen!?

Not to mention creating and posting new content especially for each platform, so if you are using Facebook and LinkedIn also. . . forget about it! You will be spending at least half of your day on social media.

If I do my math correctly, I’m calculating that you need at least 8 hours to work in your business serving your clients, not creating content on social media. Meaning your evening will be spent getting posts ready for the next day.

When are you then spending quality time with your family and loved ones OR having a life?

We are all aware of how important social media is to a business, Facebook has replaced Newspapers, YouTube has replaced TV, Instagram is the new magazine on any topic and LinkedIn is the best next thing for social and business networking, email campaigns over newsletters and Blogging is the new short story. You are 10x more likely to gain traffic from social media to your website, and generate ready to buy leads just from having the right content; posting at the right times.

Do you have the time to put into marketing your business? Don’t worry, I do! I love social media, I have over 8 years experience growing my own businesses on social media with great  success. I have studied social media intently for the past 8 years and like you I needed help sustaining the amount of posts needed to grow my accounts and gain exposure, equaling clients.

I wanted more time with my family, friends and balance of life; so I’m taking the leap into social media management full time. As a professional photographer, I focus on weddings as a side business and love that too, but it’s not what I see myself doing in my 60’s. Social media management and training is.

I’m extremely excited about this new venture, welcome to my blog! Stay tuned as we launch officially in March 2018, I’ll be sharing experiences and tips and tricks and most of all my journey.

Until Next time




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