How Do I Keep My Social Media Posts Up-to-Date Daily?

With one word, Scheduling. The easiest platforms to use scheduling on is Facebook. Facebook has its own scheduling tool right in the post dialogue box, the best news is it’s FREE. Tap on writing a post on your business page, fill in your content and add media then hit the schedule button, select the day and time and you are all set!

Instagram is a little more tricky, you’ll need to create draft posts and set a timer to pop into your phone and simply post your draft post. To create a draft, just post a Don’t forget to add your hashtags in the comments box! I personally LOVE LOVE to use PLANNTHAT the app is initially free but to access all the premium features it’s just a small monthly fee. Designing your Instagram pallet PLUS your weeks of posts in advance has never been so easy. The premium features allow you to see your analytics and check the analytics of your competitors also, and for me, as an SM Manager, this is priceless when assessing businesses I want to work with. You can download from the App store for iPhone or Google Play for Android phones.

Another amazing tool I can’t live without is HootSuite!

I can’t say enough about Hootsuite. The team at HootSuite have truly designed an incredibly powerful social media scheduling tool, that personally, I find invaluable. You can do everything from scheduling every single social media platform you use to social listening and studying your analytics plus much much more. If you just have a couple of social media platforms to manage, then the free account is fine for you. Although you will miss out on the premium features such as being able to see and break down your analytics. If you are Social media like me, then signing up for the premium features will change the game for you in a heartbeat.

Once you have the tools you would like to use to schedule your posts, you will need to make a plan. I use a social media content calendar spreadsheet. It is a google spreadsheet that I can easily share with my clients and it is interactive so they can leave me notes or add their own posts should they want to maintain control of one of their platforms.

It’s fairly simple to create if you would like to use the one I use simply download here. To use this content calendar you will need to go to file>make a copy and then start building your content and adding weeks to the tabs etc. I downloaded this free from HootSuite. So if you are having trouble using my link just head to HootSuite’s website and search Content calendar to gain access.

The next hurdle is to find a few hours at least once a week if you like to post more real-time posts, or once a month for posts that are more about your brand and your story. Set a date for yourself to create your posts. For some people, the next part will be harder than for others, and that is creating your content. WHAT DO I POST ABOUT? I hear you suddenly asking yourself.

Well, that’s where a good copywriter comes in or a social media manager, but if those aren’t an option for your business, then it’s time to tap into your creative brain and make a plan of at least twelve topics you will post about and cycle through every twelve posts.

I’ll give you a quick head start. Think about your brand, your brands’ cadence, and your brand’s colour pallet. Think about what your business is all about, what do you provide for your clients? You can talk about things such as the books you are reading, inspirational quotes, shout-outs to other businesses, gratitude posts, National Days, food that you love, what you are selling etc get the gist?

I like to use the 80/20 rule where I give 80% value and 20% asking for a sale.

Once you have tweaked and planned your posts simply copy them across to your HootSuite account under the correct social media platforms and you are off to a great start.

The next thing to do is study your analytics and figure out when your audience is online checking you out and post then! The BIG tip when using Instagram and YouTube, USE HASHTAGS! I cannot stress this enough. How many, I hear you ask. All 30 of them. make sure they relate to your location, your business and what you are posting about.

And there you have it a few scheduling tips and tricks for you to go out and conquer the social media game.

Come back and visit next week for my tips on How To Plan and Organise A Month of Social Media Posts for High Engagement. I’ll show you how to turn likes and follows into leads and sales.

I would love to hear your thoughts so please comment below, and make sure to follow us on Instagram!

Until then stay healthy & be prosperous!





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