Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

In our last couple of blogs, we’ve talked about consistency, cadence, regularity and your intention when planning and posting to your social media platforms. It can be hard to find the inspiration to find the inspiration to be consistent or the energy to post every single day.

I truly adore Instagram, and when I need some inspiration that’s where I go. Yours might be Pinterest or Facebook. My advice is to search out accounts that are doing a bang-up job at growing their social media, creating engagement and making money doing so. Study what they are doing and take a few pointers from them.

  1. One of those accounts is @nataliehalcro on Instagram. Natalie is a Fashion Blogger with 3million followers to date. Natalie has grown her Instagram in just 5 short years! This has led to her starring on the hit show Wags, and starting her own fashion line with her cousin who is also a hit on Instagram @oliviapierson called @natlivcollection

2. These two power women are dominating the Instagram fashion blogging world just check out their accounts @oliviapierson and see for yourself!


3. The way Brigitte from @alittleblondeinparis has designed her travel Instagram is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. and I can see why she has such high engagement and over 48.5k followers.

4. Kattis Lundin is also a travel blogger who lives the dream of traveling for a living, if you ever want to get away from it all, even for just a few minutes check out Kattis’s Instagram @kattislundin for some travel inspo!

5. Ladies, you are welcome! Let’s finish off inspiring Instagram accounts with Mr. Noir from @nathanielnoir Nathaniel is a fitness expert and lifestyle blogger. He has designed the perfect Instagram feed for high engagement, turning his devoted followers into clients every day. Plus Nathaniel has a youtube channel driving his engagement even higher with video content. Thank you, Nathaniel!


So as you can see there are a lot of ways to design your Instagram, lots of topics and categories to engage your audience with. If you need some inspiration just head to your favourite news feeds and take some notes!


Until next time, Have way more fun!








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