5 Ways to have a Prosperous Day

I know boo, I get it! Your eyes fling open in the morning and all of a sudden everything that’s been happening in your life and all the things you’re planning floods into your mind.

Suddenly that split second that you forgot about it all is gone. Now you’re thinking about the washing you didn’t do or that project that you’ve been procrastinating about or maybe your thoughts are pointing to your lover who didn’t do something you asked them to do.

Now you’re feeling that feeling of overwhelming frustration… wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up and stay in a feeling of happiness and ease?

I hear you, I felt the same until I discovered the truth about who we really are and that I can actually choose how I feel.

Although words don’t teach, well not as well as experience, I’ll do my best to help you move into a higher place in your mind so that you can then allow your day to start off in the best way possible with 5 key steps to a beautiful day.

These are the 5 techniques I use to create my best day, each day;

  1. I set my alarm a little earlier than when I actually need to wake up, 15 mins is plenty of time
  2. As my eyes open I take a deep breath in and out and I immediately start thinking about how much I love my bed and how soft my pillow is and how I love snuggling up. In my mind I’m appreciating how blessed I am to have a bed to be in, a couple of minutes is enough time to appreciate- you can think about anything that helps you feel good, it could be the beautiful sky out the window or your pet or your kids smile – just think of a general good feeling thought for a minute or two
  3. I then sit up in my bed and stretch, stretching your limbs upon awakening gets the blood pumping around and helps to keep your body limber, I stretch my legs, my back and my arms all without leaving bed – 3 minutes is loads of time
  4. Then I put my earphones in and lay back in my comfy bed hands by my side, legs out straight and listen to a 15 minute guided meditation – my favourite one is by Abraham Hicks called getting into the vortex, but anything that feels good will do but try to find one that only goes for 15 minutes. (You May fall back asleep the first number of times so have a back up plan set another alarm for 10 minutes after your normal wake up time) then get up go about having breakfast, showering and doing the tasks you need to do to get to work or children to school etc
  5. Once you’ve done these few quick and easy things look around you and really notice 3 things you truly love and or appreciate. I look around and see trees and think about all the things they do for me, giving me fresh air to breath a soft sound at night as the wind blows through their leaves or I might see my dogs and give them a hugs and appreciate how good I feel around them or I might sit on the train and feel deep appreciation that I live in a country that provides such transport for me so I don’t have to drive in traffic, or I might look into my children’s eyes and appreciate the magic of their innocence. It can be anything or anyone but remember to stay general in your thoughts of love and appreciation. There’s no need for specifics here, just stay in the basics of why you love or appreciate the things your focusing your attention on. (It could even be the fact that you are breathing, sometimes it’s good to start there)
  6. Bonustip: start your day the night before, as you fall asleep say to yourself “as I sleep tonight all the stuff from today will fall away and I will dream magnificent dreams, I will sleep well and wake up well with the intention of feeling good” take some deep breaths 5 or more and fall asleep with those thoughts, repeat the thought if you need to…

Do these things before your day begins and watch your experience change almost immediately. Everything will just start working out for you.

You’ll find inspiration and take action that leads to amazing opportunities, people will say wow you’re so lucky! But it’s really just living with intention

Do these exercises for more than 22 days and you will set your life on such a positive journey people around you will wonder what you’re on!

You can just tell them I set my day with the intention to have a great day and I do. By following simple tasks like these you are making it your dominant intent to look for good feeling things and you will find them.

And if you stumble during the day and things start to get you down again, don’t beat yourself up just allow it to be what it is and start again tomorrow. Because when you sleep the momentum of the day subsides and when you wake up it’s a fresh new beginning.

These are probably the most important things you will do each day, you may think you don’t have the time to do these quick exercises but in reality you don’t have the time not to.

Success in life is a feeling and if your thoughts aren’t helping you to feel good, then it won’t matter what you achieve in your life you still will not be happy.

Thoughts create your feelings – feelings create your experience – your experience brings you knowledge – knowledge gives you wisdom

Do yourself a favour try it for a few days and notice the difference, I mean it’s free!

Have fun and love your life




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